Performance Feedback - Online Service


If you have an audition or performance coming up, or even of you're looking for some tips as you practice, then this is an easy to use digital service.
1. Pay using the secure link. Make sure you give our email at the checkout.
2. We will email you a secure WeTransfer folder to upload your recorded materials to.
3. Record your piece or pieces you would like some feedback on (monologue, duologue, song) either as a voice recording or self tape (Tip 1 / Tip 2) - you can just use your phone, so you don't need to have a fancy set up!
4. Upload your materials using our secure WeTransfer link that was sent upon payment. We can accept up to 200GB, which will be more than enough space for you.
5. You will receive feedback around performance technique, repertoire choice and presentation from one of our specialists within 3 working days.

Price: £20
For up to 3 pieces or 10 minutes of material for feedback.

Please note given the quick turnaround of this service we are unable to respond to requests for specific professional practitioners, not least due to the nature of their work.