Our Mission

2023 to 2025 and ongoing:

* To bring the highest calibre of performing arts training and education to adults and young people in Cumbria, alongside professional workshops across the UK.

* To ensure quality of experience for participants - all practitioners collaborating with the Apothecary of Arts have extensive professional CVs or are renowned in their field, spaces used will be appropriate, and the staff and practitioners will work collaboratively and respectfully with participants.

* To create accessible and inclusive opportunities for all.

*To pay artists and collaborators well and in recognition of their professional experience.

* To support the performing arts and arts in Cumbria through network development, time, giving smaller groups a voice, and through collaboration.

By 2026 and ongoing:

* To remove financial boundaries to the services offered through the
Apothecary of Arts, with a particular focus on Cumbrian residents.

* To have a significant impact on making entering a career in performing arts and the arts achievable for all.

* To produce new and unique productions that embrace local stories and histories, or that are inspired by local legends.

* To produce new and unique projects that are truly inclusive and create opportunities for others.


* All Staff working with students (adults and young adults) have a current Enhanced DBS.

* All Staff working with students (adults and young adults) receive Safeguarding Training before commencing.

* All venues are viewed thoroughly before booking, and we are clear about the accessibility of each space on our website.

*Anyone in attendance of our classes and workshops that is under the age of 18 years old will need to ensure we receive written parental or guardian permission to participate, especially noting other adult participants (where applicable). Independent arrival and departure will need to be pre-agreed.

* All data is stored securely, and your information will be deleted unless you agree for your information to be added to our mailing list.

* All participants are asked prior to any images being taken for use  on social media. No one is obliged to agree. No names will be used on our publicity materials unless prior signed permission is given.